The Following article will walk you through the process to set up Credit Card Processing.

First, Login to your ISN and go to Settings -- Office Settings -- Payment Options. This is where you control how the ISN processes payment information. 

Next, select the payment processor you need. We will be selecting Guardian Financial for this . The API and Transaction Key needed here will be provided to you by your merchant provider.

What is a Merchant Account?:
A Merchant Account Provider helps you move money from the client credit card payment to your business bank account. There are many types of Merchant accounts and business/banks who can provide you a merchant account. Typically you can obtain an affordable merchant account from the bank you deal with directly for your business. Our preferred vendor that we recommend to our ISN clients is: Guardian Financial Services!

Select whether or not you want to use Credit Card Authorization.

We do NOT recommend that users use Credit Card Authorization, as the prices for inspection can vary when an inspector gets out to the job, etc. Once the card has been authorized, the authorized amount cannot be changed, the card must be charged again.

You have now setup Credit Card Processing within ISN. Happy Inspecting!

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