The ISN provides you the ability to add coupons to your ISN to be used in taking an order directly in your ISN and/or through your Online Scheduler.

To add coupons to your ISN, follow these steps:

Navigate to Settings -- Office Settings-- Inspection and Fee Settings -- Coupons

From there you will want to click on Add a Coupon, and the following screen will appear (please note that coupons are case sensitive):

Complete all the fields and please be sure that you enter the PROMO CODE for each coupon since this is what your clients and agents will use when entering a coupon when scheduling an inspection via your Online Scheduler. Next, mark the boxes of the services you want the coupon to be applied to (the above picture is for example purposes only and does not reflect the exact services set up within your Online Scheduler).
Note: Coupons currently only support fixed dollar amounts and can't be a percentage off.

Once you have completed adding a new coupon, do not forget to click on Add Coupon!

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