Home Owners Network and ISN have partnered together to give inspectors another great tool to provide to their clients!

Home Owners Network - for inspectors to give to their clients:

*All current ISN user/inspectors registered with HON have been free and will remain free. This is http://www.homeownersnetwork.com/

*ISN is integrated with http://www.homeownersnetwork.com/ however it is important for inspectors to set up their profile accounts in home owners network to make sure their HON marketing looks properly in HON. HON customer service reps will be happy to assist inspectors with this set up for free.

*ISN user/Inspectors may give away HON memberships to their inspection clients free in unlimited quantity. The app for home owners to download from the app stores is “Home Owners Network”

New inspectors signing up beginning 2015 for HON through ISN:

*Retail price for new inspectors using HON is $999 a year but ISN users get HON for $599 or $50 a month

*Inspectors receive unlimited HON memberships for their clients free.

*Home Owners memberships are always free

HON Professional – for inspectors to use themselves for live technical support on the job

*All current ISN user/inspectors may use the HONpro inspector support service free. They need to receive a link from us to register at http://www.honprofessional.com/ . This is a completely separate system from HON and is designed to provide technical support for inspectors on the job. The app to download from the app stores is HON Professional.

*Retail price for HON Pro has always been $49 a month but ISN users get it free.

*ISN users still receive HON Pro free when they use HON above.

To summarize:

*Current ISN inspector already registered with HON will always remain free on both HON and HON Pro

*New users to HON and HON Pro will be charged $599 or $50 a month.

*Inspectors give away FREE HON 1 year memberships ($249 retail value) to their inspection clients in unlimited quantity.

*HON Pro (live support for inspectors) is included free for current inspectors and included in the new pricing structure. Basically, use HON through ISN and get HON Pro ($49 a month value) FREE.

*Home Owners are free when they receive their membership from an inspector always.

Further information about HON can always be found here: http://www.homeownersnetwork.com/

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