This post explains what a footprint is and demonstrates how to create a footprint for a particular inspection, and integrate that footprint into your report writing software.

What is a Footprint?

A 'footprint' in ISN is essentially a collection of all the basic information for an order, from the client information, to the inspection type, to the property's square footage, and any other data housed for that order in your ISN. A footprint acts as a flag to any third party software (typically report writers) to indicate "Hey! Here's some information about an inspection that you might need!" and allows them to pre-load the app with information directly from your ISN site!

Creating a Footprint 

Log in to your ISN, navigate to Inspections -- View Inspections to view the inspection grid.

Click the blue icon with the i for the inspection you need to create a footprint for.
Navigate to the Actions drop down button and then click Create Footprint

Alternatively you can go to Inspections -- My Footprints  and click the green + symbol to create a new footprint. 

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