Adding agent photos to your databases is a fantastic idea for so many reasons and can be relatively easy to find and then added/uploaded to your ISN.

Most agent photos can be found on the agent's website or the agency website they work for or are associated with. Social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. can be another great resource to obtain your agent's photos. When you find a photo of the agent, simply right click with your computers mouse and do a Save As. Rename and save the photo to your desktop or a folder that you have created for the photos. To upload the agent photo to your ISN, navigate to Clients/Agents -- Agents -- Agents and click on the photo icon on the agent grid (as seen below) for the agent whose photo you want to add/upload. A window will open where you can click on Choose or Browse, which will then direct you to your personal computer and you will find and click on the photo then click Upload Photo.

  1. Report Delivery Page - When sent to clients it shows the agent's photo and can contain a short bio of the agent (if desired), providing the client with personalized information about the agent. Great additional marketing for the agent!
  1. Order Form - The photo embeds into the order form and will allow the inspector to already be familiar with who the agent is, and provide more personalized attention at the time of the inspection.
  1. Labels and Postcards - Looking for more ways to market to your agents? Choose the template for a postcard with the agent’s photo, print up a page or two and deliver them to your agents so they in turn can give them to their clients. You make the agent look good to their clients, while you look great to the agent by doing their marketing for them!! Another awesome feature of the ISN!

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