The Real Estate Professional Dashboard is a great tool to enable agents to keep track of inspections they've done with you, review them with their clients, and order new inspections!
It is designed to be a quick and simple tool for the agent to use to pass inspection companies minimal information to book an inspection.

To allow agents to give more context, you can turn on a special Notes field for the RED.

In your ISN go to Settings -- Office Settings -- Interacting with my Clients and Agents -- Real Estate Pro Dashboard

Then check the box labeled: 'Allow my Agents to add notes to their orders. A notes field will be available in the "Review" stage when scheduling through the Real Estate Professional Dashboard.'

Note: This does require you to have the option 'Allow agents to schedule an inspection via the RED' enabled.

Then scroll down and hit Save Settings!

Then, at the end of the agent's scheduling process they'll see a text field where they can type any additional information in before hitting Place Order.

Which will show up in the Order Notes area for that inspection:

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