This article assumes you are already familiar with the Porch Repair Estimate Report Feature.
To learn more about it, click here.

Sample RER Website

We have an RER sample, which includes an easy-to-use, interactive webpage.

To view this sample, click here. Feel free to play around with the editing features!

Screenshots of Sample RER

Below are static screenshots of the Sample Repair Estimate Report:

Agents and Clients can see content broken up by the type of professional who would do the listed repair.

Next to each line item they'll see dropdowns where they can optionally indicate if they'd like for something to be repaired, replaced, or to have a credit for it considered on the cost of buying the property.

Once each item of the repair estimate report has been reviewed, users can print or save a PDF copy of the report using the Print button on the left side of the bottom control bar, or they can Share a view-only version of the report out using the blue button on the right:

Once you're ready to share, you'll see different recipient options to share it out to anyone involved in the inspection, and other 3rd parties can be added to the list:

Repair Estimate Requests can be shared out via Email or a shareable link can be copied directly from this page, to send out however you'd like!

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