Note: To use this feature, you need to have a Services Control on your order form. (All ISNs built after 06/01/2019 have this in place already, but feel free to check with support if you need help!)  For more information on adding controls to your order form click here.

What it Looks Like

When you're editing an inspection order in your ISN, if you select a service that has a square footage calculation associated with it like so:

When you then navigate to the fees tab, you can select from a pre-calculated cost for that service based off of package selection:

If you click show fees the system will expand out and show you how that fee was calculated. Service Fee Calculations are called out very clearly with a Service Pricing modal window.

If the regular calculators are used to calculate a fee, without service selection, it will display the classic modal when you hit show fees:

How to Set It Up

We recommend setting up a few ranges for each service and then have a fall-through square footage range set up to catch pricing for situations that might not be service-specific!
This process involves adding square footage range fees for each service.
Then setting up the Fees tied to those Services to use the Square Footage Calculator

Set up Square Footage Ranges for each service.

In your ISN, navigate to Settings -- Office Settings -- Inspection and Fee Settings -- Fees Per Square Footage

On that page hit 'Add Square Footage Fee' to create new ranges:

A modal window will appear asking you to confirm how many ranges you need to add.

Your new ranges will appear on the screen with the word New in a badge next to their default range values:

Set a starting and ending value for each square footage range, and the appropriate fee amount to be added to the order. It's very important not to overlap your square foot ranges. Be sure to stagger each range by a value of 1:

Then, in the Services column, for each range, check which services should use this square footage range (in our example we have the Termite service selected for each)

Tip: If you charge by square footage for multiple services, you can use the same square footage range for multiple services. Simply select more in the 'Services' column of the square footage range(s) you're working on.
Make sure to hit Save Changes!

Setting Fees to use Square Footage Calculator

Next, navigate to Settings -- Office Settings -- Inspection and Fee Settings -- Fees

Leave Primary Fee checked for your main Inspection Fee and check the Square Footage Calculator option for any fees associated with services where you want to price by square foot.

The Fees page saves in real time, so no need to hit save.

If you have any questions, or would like for us to double check your changes, please feel free to give us a call at (800) 700-8112, or you can email us at or open a chat in the upper right corner of your ISN!

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