Original Behavior

Note: ISNs built after March 1, 2020 will use the new flow by default.
For ISNs built before March 1, 2020 your ISN will have your clients sign their agreement, and submit a payment via separate links in the email.



New Sign and Pay Flow

Now you can enable a setting to combine them into a singular flow (and link!) so when they click to sign their agreement and pay online, it happens in two steps together:

Navigate to Settings -- Office Settings -- Interacting with my Clients and Agents -- Agreement Options

Then check the box labeled ‘Allow Online Payments to be made from the sign agreement link

You can optionally enter a banner message (or copy/paste the example) to show over the submit payment button.

When finished, be sure to hit Save!

If you’d like to see the new customer experience, create a new order and set yourself as the client. Once you receive your confirmation email, click the signature link to see the new flow!

Note: Be sure to delete any test orders you create!

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