This article directs you through the following steps for Porch Repair Estimates Report (RER) enabling and setup

  1. Activating the Repair Estimates Report feature.
  2. Creating a new fee for your Repair Estimates Report (unless you plan to build the cost into one of your currently existing Fees)
  3. Creating a new service for your paid 'Repair Estimates Report' if you plan on selling it in your Online Scheduler (works in versions 2 or 3!)
  4. Adding the services control to your regular order form (helpful for office staff to modify selected services and track what is currently selected for an order).

Activating the Repair Estimates Report Feature

In the ISN navigate to Settings – Office Settings – Working with Other Applications –Porch Repair Estimates

On the next screen, click the blue Enable Porch Repair Estimates button.
This will activate the feature, but it will be in Manual Send Only mode, so your orders will not start automatically purchasing reports.

After the setup is enabled, you can tell the ISN which Inspection Types and Services should qualify an order to automatically purchase the paid Porch Repair Estimate Report or the free Porch Repair Estimate Preview

SHORTCUT: We've included a 'fast setup' button on your Porch Repair Estimate. For information on how to use that, click here!

Inspectors can limit which orders are eligible for each by:

  1. Inspection Type - Each order in the ISN can only have a single inspection type assigned to it at a time.
  2. Services - Orders in ISN can have any number of services selected at a time.

Note: Leaving all inspection types and services unchecked for both the paid and free report will result in no orders sending automatically.

Email Buyer’s Agent on Report Receipt

Once you have your system configured for handling orders for both purchase processes, you can also turn on the option to notify the Buyer’s Agent when the report is ready.

This option remains off until you set a specific email template. We’ve provided a default template in our Templates Library for this, called ‘Buyer’s Agent - Repair Estimates Report Ready’ which you can get to under Email -- Get Templates & Containers.

Once you’ve finished making your changes make sure to hit the Save button!

Creating a new fee for your Repair Estimates Report

Once you have the feature enabled and configured to your liking, you’ll need to make some adjustments to your pricing under Settings -- Office Settings -- Inspection and Fee Settings -- Fees.

Next, hit the green ‘Add Fee’ button in the upper left of the Fees Page.

Name your new fee something like Repair Estimate Report, add a description if you’d like (most people do not need/use this), and set your default value and hit Save changes.

You can set the cost of the Repair Estimates Report to anything you’d like in your ISN, however we recommend putting your pricing between $40-$80 (USD). For more information on pricing and revenue share for this feature, click here.

Now your office staff or call center only need to select that fee for any orders where the Repair Estimate Report will be purchased!

Creating a new service for your paid 'Repair Estimates Report'

To add the Repair Request List to your online scheduler and your order form, you'll need to build it as a Service.
Navigate to Settings -- Office Settings -- Online Scheduler -- Online Scheduler v# Settings. (this works for version 2 or 3)

Then, in the Services section, hit the Add Service button in the upper left corner.

Name your service something like Repair Estimates Report and give it a description if you'd like (great for getting clients to opt into it!)

Hit Save when you're done.
Next, assign all of your inspectors to the new service and assign your Repair Estimates Report Fee to it as well.

You do not need to assign an inspection type or agreement.

For more information on setting up services on Online Scheduler Version 3, click here.
For Online Scheduler version 3, click here.

Adding the services control to your order form

Once you've set up your services and fees for the Repair Estimates Report, you'll want to add your services control to your order form, if you haven't already.
To do so, navigate to Settings -- Office Settings -- Inspection and Fee Settings -- Customize Order Form

Then hit the Controls button next to the section where you'd like to add the services control (we recommend the Additional Info tab.)

Then hit the Add a Control button in the upper left.

Set your type, name, and description to Services and hit Add Control

Then your Additional Services tab will have checkboxes next to each of your services where you can select or unselect them while you're editing an order!

They'll show up similarly on the order view screen:

Please Note: If you want to exclude services from showing up on your order form or online scheduler, you can do so by editing the service and unchecking the box for Visible on Order Form or Visible on Online Scheduler.

Please Note: When your office staff are scheduling orders and they select the Repair Estimates Report service, they'll need to add the default fee to it on the Fees tab of the order so the client is billed!

If you have any questions about this feature, feel free to reach out to support via live chat, or email us at We are here to help! 

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