We are pleased to offer the Porch Repair Estimates Report Feature in the ISN!
Below is an overview of this feature, for detailed setup instructions, click here.
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With this new tool, Inspectors can provide fast and accurate cost estimates for repairing the items that home inspectors identify in their Inspection reports.

Inspectors using ISN can easily offer these reports to their clients directly from their ISN!

  • Porch will share revenue with inspectors when their client purchases a Repair Estimates Report.
  • Porch Guarantees the accuracy of their Repair Estimate Report and, as it’s produced by an independent 3rd party, inspectors and agents have no liability!
  • Works with any Report Writer.

Repair Estimate Report Cost

The cost of the Repair Estimate Report varies based on one of these two scenarios:

  1. Through ISN, inspectors can pay $40 for access to the Repair Estimate Report up front for a given property and then resell it to their clients at whatever cost they'd like, keeping anything over the $40 for themselves. So if you bill for the full report at $70, you would net $30 (This will show as a $40 charge on your ISN invoice)
  2. When a client chooses to purchase the full report after receiving their free sample, the cost of the report is $80 and $20 of that is paid back to you if you have the Porch Home Assistant Feature enabled in your ISN. ISNs without the Home Assistant enabled will receive $10.

How it Works in the ISN

  1. Once a report is uploaded and an order is marked as complete, your ISN will send that report to Porch’s Repair Estimate Tool. 
  2. The Repair Estimate Tool sends back a Repair Estimates Report in 48 hours to the Client.
  3. A copy of the Repair Estimate Report is also uploaded on the Order View Screen in the ISN down below where the Inspection Reports and Attachments are shown.
  4. Porch will email the client directly outside of ISN to notify the customer that they'll be receiving their Repair Estimate Report in 48 hours.
  5. Once the report is received, the client gets an email notification.
  6. If enabled, the agent will also get an email notification (this is a setting on the Repair Estimates Report settings page in your ISN)

Below are examples of what the emails to clients will look like:

From there, Porch will work with the client and agent to whatever extent they'd like to help schedule the repairs!
Note: Porch will not upsell your clients on anything and will only recommend services from the Repair Estimate Report.

Receipt Timeframes

Repair Estimate Reports can take up to 48 hours to be received, however clients can pay Porch directly $30 to expedite that to within 24 hours (This process is handled via an email Porch sends to the user, the Inspector doesn’t need to manage that at all).

Sample Report Files

Below are examples of the reports the client will receive for:

Sample Repair Estimate Report click here.
Sample Repair Estimate Preview click here.

Status of the Product

This feature is currently live in a handful of ISNs to ensure customer satisfaction and quality analysis.

After a period of extended testing, we’ll make this feature available for all ISN Inspectors.

If you have any questions about this feature, feel free to reach out to support via live chat, or email us at help@inspectionsupport.com. We are here to help! 

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