Please note that this feature only works if you have purchased an SMS number from ISN!

To find out additional information about purchasing an SMS number navigate to: Purchase Your Own SMS Number.

The option to text the agent the real estate dashboard app is possible and this task is performed from your ISN mobile application. Log into your ISN mobile app, and on the home screen you will see the following option, Send Agent their Real Estate Dashboard:

Once you click on: Send Agent their Real Estate Dashboard, the following screen will appear that will allow you to find an agent in your database. For this example I typed in the name Robbins:

Clicking on Send will bring you to the following screen, that will then allow you to send the agent the dashboard application via text message:

You can also do this from the desktop view of your ISN under Clients/Agents -- Agents just click the pencil icon next to the agent you want to send to.

Underneath the birthday field you'll see their agent dashboard URL (which you can copy/paste into an email sent from outside of ISN) and a button to Send URL via SMS

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