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On the services tab you can begin adding your first service. Click Add Service in the upper left corner.

On the Add Service pop-up you'll need to fill in some information for the service.
At minimum the online scheduler requires at least ONE service be created and every service must have at least an inspector and a fee assigned to it.
You can assign a private name (for internal purposes), a public name (what is actually shown on the scheduler), and a description (shown under the public name when booking).
Next you'll need to decide if you want an inspection type to be associated with a service (if a selected inspection type is set to require a particular agreement to be signed then it will be required for this order. If you select an inspection type with an agreement you don't need to assign an agreement to this service).

Your next step will be to assign at least one inspector (this is required, or the service will not show). You can check off one of the visible inspectors, or search through all of your inspectors with the search field.
Note: Any Inspectors will need to have their schedule availability set as well to function with the online scheduler. Click here for information on how to do that.

After that you'll need to assign a fee to the service (also required if you want this service to show on the scheduler). Just like the inspectors list you can check off visible fees, or search for particular ones.

If you have not assigned an inspection type, or the assigned inspection type doesn't require an agreement, you can assign an agreement by checking off a visible one or searching for a particular one. (NOT required for all services to show.

Once you have everything for your service filled in, click Add.

On the Services tab you can edit specific sections of your services by clicking a pencil icon or edit button. You can also decide whether or not you want them to be visible by clicking the green check in the Visible column or delete a service by clicking the Trash Can icon.

Once you're done creating, editing, or removing services click the Save Settings button at the bottom of the page.

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