In order to back up your ISN data to Google Drive you will need to navigate to Settings--Office Settings  and navigate to where it says "Working with other applications". Click on the Google Drive button:

You will then need to click on the blue "Get New Access Code From Google Drive" button.

After that sign into the appropriate Google account.

When you sign into your Google account it will prompt you to "Allow" isnadmin access to your Google Drive. Click on the blue "Allow" button.

When it is complete it will bring you to the Google Drive Back Up page.

Google Drive is now connected to your ISN for backup. You can check the data being sent to Google Drive from ISN by navigating to your Google Drive account.

*At this time the Google Drive sync is run manually. Please email or open a support chat from within your ISN, once you’ve completed setup, and we’ll run your sync for you.

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