The ISN allows you to determine what your company considers an ACTIVE and INACTIVE client or agent. By setting these controls to best suit your business needs, you can determine the following:

What agents use your company the most?

How long has it been since an Agent or Client needed the services of your company?

Is it time to market to inactive agents, inquire how to gain their business back?

By having this tool in your ISN and setting the controls to your business needs, you are able to use this information for your marketing strategies!

Maybe a Thank You to your active clients and agents who continue to use and support your business. Quickly see how many inspections an agent has done with you while you are taking their current order allowing you to acknowledge and thank them?

See and control what constitutes an "active" client or agent in your ISN. Settings - Office Settings – What We See On The ISN

The power of the ISN puts YOU in control of your business!

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