ISN's Online Scheduler has integration for Google Analytics. This will enable you to track several actions your users take in your Online Scheduler, including but not limited to:

  1. Visiting the Online Scheduler page

  2. Starting an Online Scheduler Order

  3. Viewing the pricing for their Online Scheduler Order

  4. Completing an Online Scheduler Order

To get started, navigate in your ISN to Settings --> Office Settings:

Next, find and click on Online Scheduler Settings and locate the Google Analytics  section:

You will need to obtain your tracking code from your Google Analytics account ( Please be sure you are logged into the correct Google account prior to saving this code in ISN.

To get this code from your Google Analytics account, click on "Admin" and then proceed to either add a new property for your Online Scheduler or use an existing one: (to add a new one just click 'Create new property' from the 'Property' Dropdown in Step 2 in the figure below:

If you are creating a new property make sure you set the website URL field to your ISN Domain:

Once the property is chosen, click on "Property Settings" and you will see a UA-XXXXX-X code. This is your tracking code and you can copy/paste this into your ISN Online Scheduler Google Analytics Tracking Code box.

Note: This setting specifically uses a Universal Analytics (UA) code. At this time the system does not support Google Analytics 4 (G4) codes.

Be sure to hit Save when done!

Once complete, your Online Scheduler will begin tracking visits. You can review them inside your analytics account.

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