Do you like to know and keep track of who refers business to you? Referral Reasons is a control that can be added to your order form, and you have the ability to add what those referral reasons are. Using the correct Referral Reasons control within your order form will also allow you to run a Referral Reasons report.

First, you need to add the Referral Reason control to your order form.
Navigate to Settings -- Office Settings 

Then click Customize Order Form

Once you open up your Order Form, you will need to decide which section/tab you want to place the Referral Reason control in. For this example we will insert into the Property section/tab. Click on the Controls button

Then click on the green Add a Control button:

The page below will appear and you will need to click on the drop down menu and select: Referral Reasons: A Drop Down filled with Referral Reasons. Click on that that control, put 'Referral Reason' in the Name, Description, and Text Value fields, and click on the blue Add Control button.

 Next you'll want to create your referral reasons.
Go to Settings -- Office Settings -- Inspection and Fee Settings -- Referral Reasons

On this page you can click Add Referral Reason to create a new one, click the pencil icon to edit an existing one, or the x icon to delete one.

Creating a referral reason report can be accomplished by navigating to Reports -- Referral Reports

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