First you will need to click on the ISN icon on your home screen. (If you don't have the ISN icon check out the ISN App On Your Mobile Device help article)

Choose the time frame of the specific order you need to add payment to.

You will then navigate to the specific order in your ISN mobile and click on "View Order".

Scroll to the very bottom until you see a list of options starting with "Edit". Click on the "Add Payment" option. ( You will NOT see the "Add Payment" option if the order is already paid.)

After clicking on "Add Payment" tell us how you got paid by choosing from the different payment methods. 

Either enter the amount that the client is paying or click on use amount due. Then click on the blue "Add Payment" button towards the bottom.

It will notify you that the payment has been added with a green notification bar saying the payment has been successfully added.

Now if you check your inspection grid on your ISN desktop you will notice that the paid column will have a green check mark showing it has been paid.

*Check out our help article on How to sign an agreement using ISN mobile*

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