First you will need to click on the ISN icon on your home screen. (If you don't have the ISN icon check out the ISN App On Your Mobile Device help article)

Click on the time frame of the order you will be editing.

You will then navigate to the specific order in your ISN mobile and click on the green "Edit" button.

Clicking on the green "Edit" button will open a mobile friendly version of your order form. You can navigate through the order form by scrolling up or down with you finger or by clicking on the drop down in the top right corner and choosing the section you wish to edit.

Towards the bottom you will see the fee section which will allow you to update the price as needed. Keep in mind that soon ISN mobile will be able to calculate fees just like the desktop version. Changes made in fees will reflect in the total.

To save Edited orders click on the Actions drop down on the top left hand side of the screen and choose "Schedule Again". It will update the order with the changes made and will reflect in you desktop version of ISN.

To save a NEW orders after adding it in ISN mobile click on the green "Save Order" on the top left hand side of the screen. It will show up in your desktop version of ISN as an incomplete inspection.

To cancel an order click on the Actions drop down and choose "Cancel".

*To learn about payments in ISN mobile check out our Adding Payments In ISN Mobile help article*

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