HomeHubZone is excited to announce that you can now upload your HTML home inspection report to ISN and email it out through ISN!

First, Navigate to Settings, ISN Integration in HomeHubZone. Then, Enable Integration and set your keys (as provided by ISN)
Here is a help article to help you find your Access Keys

Then, Enable "Post report links to ISN" by checking the selection box.


Next, Adjust your email templates to remove any reference to a PDF report. See this help article on how to edit an email template.

Home Hub Zone will host your report file, so it is recommended that you turn of the web page delivery and instead select direct delivery in ISN so that your clients will have to perform less clicks to get their report!
You can check that setting under Settings -> Office Settings -> Report Delivery Options

That is it! When the report is completed, the link will be posted to ISN and the inspection will be marked as "Complete" the report will be delivered as normal. Either automatically through an email event or, if you prefer to manually email it through the gold envelope. Your client will receive the report as web presentation rather than a PDF.

Note from HomeHubZone: At this time seller's agents can not access the report, so do not trigger an email to the seller's agent.

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