The Inspection Support Network not only stores your signed agreements but also provides important information about the signed agreement as well.


Go to Inspections -- Scheduled Inspections and in the Signed column click on the green square with white check mark to view the signed agreement.

You can also access your signed agreements via the View Order Agreements option from the Actions menu on the View Order Form page.

ISN is so amazing, that it not only notes the clients name and initials but also what Internet browser and version they were using when they signed the agreement, as well as the Signature key, IP address, Hostname and the name of the specific document they signed for! You will find all of this by clicking on the Details button.

ISN also provides this signed agreement in a PDF format for your needs.

Inspection Support Network has confirmed with all of the major Errors and Omissions Insurance carriers in the industry that this is an acceptable means of obtaining signatures and they are legal, binding and would hold up in a court of law should this ever become necessary.

ISN also stores your signed agreements along with all of your other data for as long as you are our client.

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