Note: The Repair Request List ONLY automatically generates with Tap Inspect and Home Inspector Pro (HIP) at this time.

Please see the alternatives steps provided below the video for these particular users.

For Home Inspector Pro (HIP) and Tap Inspect Users Only

Considering the above note that the RRL is only auto-generated for HIP and Tap Inspect users, this process will look a bit different for HIP and Tap Inspect users. Specifically for HIP users, the HIP report writer, essentially, pulls over all "summary" items from the HIP report and makes those into "items" automatically.

Due to this built-in functionality, agents working with HIP and Tap Inspect reports will actually want or need to delete items that they do not want in the list vs manually adding them (outlined in the above tutorial video).

Once the agent receives the auto-generated RRL list in their RED, they'll select the items that they do not want, then delete them via the red, Delete, button:

Next, they'll simply click the blue, Download, button

And this will generate a pdf download of any remaining Repair Request List items!

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