If you have not yet added the user to your ISN, please follow this tutorial How to add a new user to your ISN. before proceeding with the tutorial below.

First, login to your ISN and click Settings -- Office Settings

Next, click Payroll Settings. This will show you the payroll info for all users that are currently employees. 

Click either Add Split Payroll Calculation (Pay % of fee) or Add Fixed Payroll Amount

Next you can choose what fee the percentage will take from, the starting date that the report will show, how much the split will take from the total amount, and if you need, add a deduction from the payroll before making the split.

You have now added an employee to payroll!

Please note the following payroll report can be run to assist you with Payroll: Navigate to

On this page you can set time frames and parameters to generate an earnings report for paying your inspectors.

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