Did you know that any item or control added to the Order Form creates a replacement value and that replacement value is located on the Control grid under Customize Order Form?

All the way to right hand side of the grid you will see a column named Replacement Value, that would be the RV (replacement value) that is created when a new control is added and what you would use for your report/agreement/email template, etc.

What the Customize Order Form feature can do for you and your business is truly endless! For example if you want to add a control that lets you know there will be a dog in the yard at the inspection, you can! Add a text box, drop down box (where you determine what values are in the drop down options), or any control that you want to use, add it to your order form, then use that control's replacement value to insert into an email template, SMS event, or your calendar!

Navigate to Settings -- Office Settings -- Inspection and Fee Settings -- Customize Order Form

From there click on the Controls button or pencil icon for the specific section of the order form where you want to obtain the customized replacement value:

Navigate to the far right hand side of the page to the column named Replacement Value. You can click on it to copy this replacement value and then paste it into an email template, calendar settings, etc. using Ctrl + V (on a Windows PC) or Command + V (on a Mac)

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