To add an attachment to an inspection simply click on Inspections -- View Inspections, and click on the icon that looks like a piece of paper with a paperclip, or select the Attachments menu item from the Actions menu.

A screen will open, click on Select Files. Next click on the document(s) to open and click Upload Selected Files (Note: you can drag & drop files and upload multiple files)

When adding an attachment you will see the following setting: Make this Attachment Public and allow my Clients & Agents to Download it if I send my report as a Link. This box MUST be checked in order for the attachment to be viewed by your clients and/or agent if you are sending the report as a link. Please note this setting is for each individual attachment.

Your document will then be uploaded and saved to the appropriate inspection available for you to review, email or attach to a report and will be safely stored for future reference.

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