Cost Centers are mainly for large outfits at Corporate level or franchises. The concept is income allocation without segregating it by ISNs.

However, any office could use this feature! It helps to know what cost centers (or territories) are making money.

The cost center control will allow you to run a report to see which territory is making more money.

To Add Cost Centers navigate to Settings -- Office Settings -- Cost Centers

Add Cost Center


After adding the cost center. You may want to add which zip codes are included in that "Territory" or cost center.


Then, add the control to your order form by navigating to Settings -- Office Settings -- Customize Order Form. A great place to add this control is on the Property Information Tab. Click Controls

Then click Add Control


In the add control menu, Click on the dropdown box and select cost center


Your setup is complete for cost centers. To run your reports for the cost centers created navigate to:

Reports -- My Reports -- Financial Reports -- Paid Inspections and Select Which cost center you would like to review

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