The ISN can now send you system alerts when something isn't working with your InterNACHI integration.

If something about your InterNACHI integration isn't working, the ISN will send an email to the office manager and display an alert icon on the ISN. Clicking on the icon will take you to the alerts page.

You can also find the alerts page by going to Admin --- View Alerts.

Some alerts will be automatically resolved, such as if your connection to InterNACHI (your API token) is interrupted. Simply navigating to Settings -- Office Settings -- InterNACHI Buy Back and re-establishing the connection will automatically resolve that alert.

Alerts that require you sign into a 3rd party site must be manually resolved after fixing the issue.

Until the alert is resolved the automated system will not run.

Example of Active Alerts:

Example of Resolved Alerts:

Example of Email Notification:

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