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Once you have all of your settings in place you'll need to embed the scheduler on your website. This is done on the Website Integration tab and you have a few options!
You can use a Direct URL which will take users to a specific page in your ISN to book their inspection.

The HTML Link is the same link as the Direct URL we've just added some code around it so it looks like this when you're done: Schedule an Inspection

The Frame Option is by far the most common choice as it embeds the scheduler on your webpage in it's own little viewport, so your clients never leave your site.

You can either highlight all of the text in the white box under the Frame Option or click the Copy to Clipboard button. Then paste that into the HTML code in your website where you want it embedded, or paste it into an email to your web developer or IT person who is putting the site together for you!
Once you have your code in place, your online scheduler is all set! The next article we have just shows you how to preview the scheduler from within ISN.

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