If you are looking to opt into Porch that is awesome! There are a couple of resources to keep in mind after you have finished this process:

  1. Order your free company logo branded brochure & pamphlets : Click Here to order now

  2. Add/Turn On the "Porch Tee Up For Clients" & the "Porch Tee Up For Agents" emails. If you do not already have this email under Email-->Email Events then you can grab it under Email-->Get Templates & Containers

  3. Take a look at all of the resources available on Porch in our help site: Here

  4. You will also want to create your Porch Profile by going to:  porch.com/pro then click on "Sign up with Porch"

Now, let's get started. First, you will want to navigate to Settings-->Office Settings

When you scroll all the way to the bottom on the left under "Working with other applications" you can click on the "Porch" option.

After clicking on Porch you can enable the Porch option by clicking on the blue "Enable Porch" button.

There are a few different benefits that will come with your Porch opt in. You can choose one of the benefits to activate.

Once you have chosen a benefit, the last thing left to do is choose which inspection types to send to Porch. Keep in mind you will want to choose inspection types that would need Porch services i.e Standard Residential. 

Finally, just hit the blue "Save Settings" button.

Now that you have opted in make sure to add the Porch status column to the inspection grid: Need help with that click here

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