A default agreement will send out for an inspection order if no agreement association has been made under the 'Associate Agreements and Inspection Types.' For inspectors working in multiple states, you can set a default agreement to send for specific states when there is no agreement association. These quick steps are illustrated below!

Go to Settings -- Office Settings -- Inspection and Fee Settings -- Agreements

In the Agreements section, click 'Edit Agreement' and select the state in which the agreement will be valid in. If there's an additional agreement for another state, make that validity by following the same procedure.

Once the agreements and state validity have been chosen, click on the Default button in that column for each agreement.

FYI: The agreement marked as the default will send out for all inspection types unless otherwise specified in Associate Agreements and Inspection Types

Next, you'll want to associate the default agreements to send for the Inspection type chosen. Go to Associate Agreements and Inspection Types to match the agreement with the Inspection Type.

Congrats! You've just associated, filtered, and set the default agreements with Inspection Types for your ISN.

If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at (800) 700-8112, or you can email us at help@inspectionsupport.net or open a chat in the upper right corner of your ISN!

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