Spectacular http://www.spectacularhis.com/spectacularwithisn.htm integrates with the Inspection Support Network in the most seamless way. In Spectacular, go to the Inspector Information screen and enter your ISN credentials.  ISN will supply you a username, password and company key. Spectacular will need all 3. Once they’re entered, press Done. If you get an error message, something went wrong and the problem is explained. If you receive no message after pressing done, ISN took your information successfully.

Go over to the Customer screen and if you had outstanding inspections that were scheduled, they are automatically downloaded and you should see them on the list. To make Spectacular check ISN for newly added inspections, press the download button at the bottom of the customer list.

On the customer detail screen, you’ll notice the report number and the ISN order number were retrieved. These should not be changed because they’re needed to communicate with ISN when uploading the report and modifying information on ISN.

To send the completed inspection report to ISN, tap the Send Report button in Spectacular then choose ISN. The report will be sent to ISN and the ISN order will be marked as completed.

PLEASE NOTE You MUST be logged in as the inspector assigned to the inspection to see the footprint created by the order.

If you are attempting to upload your report as an attachment, more information on this process can be found on our How to Send an Attachment from ISN to Spectacular Article

Remember if you require assistance the troubleshooting services of our Support Team are always at your disposal.
We can be reached via Chat by clicking this button in the top right of your ISN

or via phone at 800-700-8112

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