Upgrading to Premium SMS/MMS in the ISN costs $15 per month and gives you access to the following:

  1. An SMS Number Specific to Your Area Code

  2. The Agent Acquire Feature

  3. Real Time Send/Receipt of Text, Image, and Video Messages (up to 5mb)

  4. SMS Templates

  5. Customizable Greetings when anyone calls your SMS Number (and Fwding to Office Voice Phone)

  6. Email Notifications of new message replies (SMS Notifications coming soon!)

  7. View Logs of messages sent/received per person, or by order.

With a few clicks, you can get a personalized, localized SMS number and start sending out SMS/MMS Messages in no time!

How to Upgrade:

You will first need to navigate to:
Settings -- Office Settings -- My Office Settings -- SMS Options

From the next screen you will be able to choose your Premium SMS/MMS Option:

Next you'll be asked to choose an SMS number and can generate a list to choose from based on your area code of choice:

Once you hit Get and confirm, you're all set and ready to start viewing and sending messages!

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