If you are looking for a widget that shows recent activity conducted within your ISN then you'll want to follow the steps outlined in this article for adding the Recent Activity widget.
Essentially, this widget is designed to show the most recent twenty-five Company Log entries that display information, for example, when a user has logged in, reset a password and or made/performed any other significant changes/ tasks in the ISN. 


In order to view the information pertaining to the Recent Activity widget, users must have the setting, Access to the Company Log, enabled in their user profiles. Users that do not already have this privilege configured in their account will not be able to set this up on their own. They will need to have an owner or other authorized personnel with adequate permission to enable this in their user profile.

Adding the Recent Activity Widget
You'll want to navigate to your Dashboard where your widgets live. There are two ways in which you can add widgets to the dashboard. The first route is by scrolling to the bottom of the dashboard page and clicking on the blue, Dashboard Configuration button 

And the other option is to click on the horizontal line of three dots that show in the top right corner/side of each widget box. A drop-down will give you four options, with the first option allowing you to "Add more Widgets". Click this option.

From either route, a window will appear showing a list of available widgets that can be enabled and disabled for your dashboard. Locate the Recent Activity widget and click the toggle button to slide in the green, "on", position.

Once the toggle button shows as green, the widget will immediately be placed onto the dashboard so there is no need to save this change. 

In order to change the location of the widget, you'll want to click on the three stacked horizontal lines to drag and place the widget as desired.

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