Adding the services control to your order form will allow you to select which services are needed on an order as well as see which services were added for orders that were placed on your online scheduler.

1. We'll start by adding a new 'tab' or 'section' to our order form. If you already have an additional services tab (or something similar) you want to add this to, skip this step.
Navigate to Settings -- Office Settings -- Customize Order Form.

Now Add Section

Give it a Name and Description and Save.

2. Now go to your new section and click the 'Controls' button for it.

Add a Control.

For TYPE select 'Services' and give it a Name and Description.

3. Now that your services control is added to your order form, you'll want to review your services and make sure only the ones you want visible on your order form are configured as such.

Navigate to Settings -- Office Settings -- Services & Packages.

Once on this page, you'll see a list of your services.

Now, over to the far right you'll see if each services is visible on your order form (OF), online scheduler (OS), or both.

To change where the service shows, click the pencil icon to edit the service.

Make your selection here and SAVE!

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