This article discusses how to setup your Inspection Type Upgrades and how your client will choose an upgrade.

To setup your upgrades, you'll navigate to Settings -- Office Settings -- Inspection Type Upgrades.

Then click "Add Order Type Upgrade" and fill out the appropriate fields. We suggest making the title a question.  Such as:  "Would you like to add a termite inspection?"

Note:  A client can only choose one upgrade offer.  So, if you want to offer two options (add termite and mold) Phrase your questions such as: "Would you like to add a termite and mold inspection?"

Next, Choose when the upgrade offer would be presented.  For example, if a home inspection only is scheduled.  The client will be presented with an option to add a termite inspection or to add a termite and mold inspection.

Then select what the inspection type would change to, how much of a fee should be added and what fee line item should appear on their invoice.

Now that we have our upgrades in place, whenever a client starts with a "Home Inspection" they will have an option to upgrade during the agreement signing process.

Here is what the client will see as they go through the agreement signing process.

Clicking on "Check them out here!" will display the available upgrades.
Note:  You can list as many offers to upgrade as you wish however, only 1 can be selected (this is why we have:  "Would you like to add a termite inspection and mold inspection together").  

The client will either hit upgrade or, no thanks, I'm not interested in upgrading.  If your client says no thanks i'm not interested in upgrading, that in turn helps to reduce your liability!  You either make more money or reduce your liability.  It is a win win!

The client is asked to confirm their upgrade request:

A confirmation that the upgrade has successfully been added is presented:  

At this point, the order has been changed to reflect the new inspection type, the price has been updated and the new agreement(s) (if necessary) have been updated in the agreement link.

Notifications For Upgrades

Notifications can be setup to go out once upgrades are placed. To do this you will go to Settings -- Office Settings -- Inspection Type Upgrades

Then click on "Notifications"

You can set several recipients to be notified by separating them by a semicolon.
Make sure to SAVE!

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