he ISN order form allows you to control exactly what controls/fields that you want to appear on the Fees tab on your ISN order form.

The items that appear in the yellow box to the left hand side of the page, Order Summary, are controlled by a setting on the Customize Order Form, Order Controls section.

In the Customize Order Form, this setting is named: Show on the Pricing Summary

Navigate to Settings -- Office Settings -- Inspection and Fee Settings -- Customize Order Form

From there navigate to the section that you want to turn on the control(s) that you would like to appear in the Order Summary (yellow box) on the Fees tab within your order form.

Each control/field on your order form will provide the ability to show or not show, and this is a setting that is easily turned off and an by clicking on the green or red icons as seen below:

Any changes here are saved instantly!

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