Please note: This article is provided as a courtesy for users who are already familiar with WordPress. The ISN Support Team does not have a working knowledge of WordPress and is not able to help you embed your scheduler directly.
We're happy to help answer specific questions, or provide another set of eyes if it's not behaving like you'd expect! However, it is recommended you seek the assistance of a professional web developer if you need further help embedding the online scheduler to your website as we are not able to place it for you.

This article requires that you have completed setup for the Online Scheduler. If not, please click here.

To start, navigate to Settings -- Office Settings -- Online Scheduler V3 Settings

Then click on the 'Website Integration' quick link.

Then highlight and copy the contents of the Embeddable iframe HTML

Next, while logged into the back end of your WordPress Site, go to the 'Pages' area and edit the page you'd like to embed the iframe onto.

Next, make sure you have 'Code view' enabled in Wordpress. On the upper right of the edit screen, hit the ellipses icon and in the dropdown, select Code Editor

The page will reload with code editor view, or if it's already enabled you'll see a check next to 'Code editor' in the menu.
In the center of the page should be a section with either some code in place, or a blank area to place your HTML code:

You can paste the iFrame code you copied from your ISN into this window and save!

Once you save, WordPress will ask if you'd like to view the page. Click that to view your scheduler on your site!

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