You'll want to navigate to Clients/Agents--Agents--Agent Teams

Click the green, Add Team button and create your agent team

Next, you'll create the new Team Name: 

After saving the Team Name, you'll want to add agents to the team by clicking the Edit pencil in the Members column

Next, type in your agent name, and you will see that the auto-fill drop-down gives options based on what has been typed into the search

You will also notice a little red trash bin, that allows you to delete Team Members while searching to add new agents to the team.
Where as back on the Agent Team grid(below), to delete members, you'll click the blue trash bin to remove agents.
You can also delete the entire agent team, by clicking the red/white trash bin icon to the far left of your Agent Team entry:

Further down on the Agent Team grid, you will see information regarding whether agents in the team are active along with financial information.

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