Inspection Orders can support calculated or manually set durations (aka "the length of time the inspection will take place for")

A default duration can be set for every order that doesn't use a calculated setting.

Click here for information on how to set your default duration.

Orders can qualify for a calculated duration if they match a corresponding row in the following office settings areas:

  • Fees per Square Feet

  • Fees by Property Sales Price

  • Fees for Property Age

  • Inspection Types

  • Foundation Types

If an order matches one or more of those settings, and its duration is higher than zero, all applicable setting durations will be added together to replace the default duration (they will not add to the default duration).

Typical Cause - Services priced by Square Footage Range and Inspection Types

Usually an ISN with duration issues (particularly if they're doubling) is caused by having your duration set under Settings -- Office Settings -- Inspection Types

as well as Settings -- Office Settings -- Square Footage Fees

If you need help clearing things up, feel free to send in a request to the support team and we can remove the durations from your inspection types where you have equal service/square footage durations.

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