Navigate to Settings -- Office Settings -- Inspection and Fee Settings -- Fees.

The fee checkbox options are as follows:
Primary: If checked, this will base the fee on the square footage calculator. There can only be one fee with the primary box checked.
Never Hide: Always show the name of the fee on all correspondence that lists inspection fees.
Re-Inspection: Option to setup a fee to work as your default 're-inspection' fee.
Allow Notes: A box to allow you to type additional notes about a specific inspection fee. Those notes are internal by default, but can be shown to client.
Can Apply Coupons: Allows you to apply coupons to the fee
Outsourced: Gives you the option to add the fee to an 'outsourced' box that appears below the original fee once a value has been added to it.

ISN will still charge your client for that fee. But that outsourced fee will not be included in your weekly/monthly/yearly gross totals.

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